Drinks to Slow the Aging Process

The cure for old age is not found, but it is possible to achieve good results is much more prosaic methods. Like, enjoy your life and … drink. As it turned out, the most simple drinks, in addition to quenching thirst, can slow down the aging process.How so?

When to drink Water: in the morning.
If before you were at a party and too far with cocktails, a glass of water when you just need a revival. It will print toxins, moisturize the skin, prepare the stomach to food intake, and set up a working mood kidney. And if you quench your thirst as soon as you wake up, later you will be less tempted to drink, say, a can of Coke, which is to be profitable, but only hurt. In addition, nutritionists say that the body can not always distinguish between thirst and hunger. Therefore, a glass of water drunk in the middle of the day, will be able to blunt hunger. Incidentally, this is great advice for those who want to lose weight.

When to drink Coffee: for breakfast.
Coffee helps to wake myself up, and reduces the risk of developing oral cancer. The researchers found that four cups of coffee a day reduced the risk by half to catch this disease. True, the mechanism of action of coffee scientists have yet to figure out.

And men, regular coffee drinkers are 60 percent lower risk of developing prostate cancer.

When to drink Green tea: for lunch.
Green tea increases metabolism, helps prevent breast cancer and accelerates the process of fat oxidation by caffeine contained therein. In addition, green tea has properties – that is, the few calories that it contains, is burned in the process of absorption.

When to drink Hot chocolate: for afternoon tea.
In the hot chocolate antioxidants than red wine or green tea. Different varieties of the drink helps with indigestion, and dark chocolate is especially effective. On top of a cup of cocoa a day helps the cardiovascular system to stay longer in the form, and this, in turn, protect against heart disease.

When to drink Red wine: for dinner.
Red wine in moderation helps the heart work better, increasing the level of “good” cholesterol and protecting against artery damage. In red wine also contains flavonoids and resveratrol, one of the most powerful antioxidants. The principle of “the more – the better” will not work here: EXCESSIVE alcohol to anyone yet did not add health.

When to drink Milk: bedtime.
A glass of milk at night provide muscle protein, bones – calcium, will awakening easier. Warm milk will also help to calm heartburn, and those who do not know this disease, – get to sleep. Young children, for example, quickly fall asleep after feeding when their stomach is full, it usually works for adults.