Mix Aloe Vera and This, to Make This Skin Whiter Ferry Fast!

To have a great skin complexion is one part of being beautiful and good looking.  A lot of people are burdened with the skin color or complexion, and that is why many items in the market are for whitening skin and more.

Most of them work, true, but many have side effects or no effects, but cost a lot. To have whiter skin, try our advice. We have a natural solution that is wonderful – Aloe Vera.

You must relate this item to soothing skin, but aloe will give also moisture and remove dryness. It has antioxidants that keep the skin in perfect shape.

How to use the aloe for whitening?

You can use this plant in several ways, which you prefer, for the skin. They are:

With sugar

Make a sugar scrub, perfect for the skin. This will exfoliate dead skin cells and remove dark dead skin. Avid similar store bought items since they have chemicals and cause problems. Make DIY scrub and mix 2 tbsp aloe and brown sugar. Apply, massage and rinse.

With milk

Together with milk, it lightens up nicely. Mix them and apply on skin.

With honey and milk

Mix these 3 items and hydrate the skin as well. Apply on clean face, equal parts each and after some time, rinse.

With papaya

The papaya is a good whitening agent and exfoliator too. But, store items that have this on the label also have chemicals. Mix aloe and papaya as facial mask. After half an hour, rinse.

To have bright and white skin is not always costing a fortune or going to the shop for cosmetics. You have all you need in the kitchen, or as far as aloe goes, in the garden. Chemicals can work, that is true but you will have to deal with side effects eventually. This is why going natural is the best option.

Source: www.stethnews.com
Featured Image Sources: olwomen.comwrinkle.org