Never Wash Your Face With Plain Water And Towel And Other Mistakes You Make While Cleaning Your Face!

Cleaning the face is the most common and simplest part of everyone’s beauty routine, right? However, it turns out that this is a complex activity. It is therefore very important that you know the rules for cleaning your face, because doing this wrong could cause more harm than good.

1. Selecting the wrong products

Everyone should have this in mind and to pay attention to the products they purchase. It is necessary the cleansing product to be strong enough to cleanse the dirt and make-up, but not too strong to remove healthy skin cells. Therefore, choose one that is best for your skin.

2. Too much washing

Washing your face once or twice a day is sufficient and any more than that can cause irritation and dehydration. Therefore, let your skin breathe and take breaks between washings.

3. Using the wrong water temperature

The myth is that hot water opens the pores and cold water closes them, because there are no muscles that are doing this. So, lukewarm water is the most effective.

4. Are you rubbing too hard?

Rubbing the face removes dead cells, but it is important that you do it in moderation. Rub your face 2 or 3 times a week and use your fingers instead of sponges, so you won’t damage the skin.

5. Maybe you don’t rinse well

Improper rinsing can shut the pores and dry the skin. Don’t forget to wash areas such as the jaw, nose and the area along the hair.

6. You are using ingredients that irritate you

Do your face a favor and ignore the use of irritating ingredients such as fragrant ingredients. This can cause an infection of the skin, therefore pay attention to the labels.

7. You are rubbing your face with a towel

Dab, don’t rub. While rubbing may sometimes be good, it actually removes the skin and expose the elastin to dangerous bacteria. Also, never use used towels because they can transfer bacteria to the clean face.

8. Time for cream

Do not wait and apply the cream immediately after washing the face while the skin is still damp. The same is true for serums and products for special treatments.

9. Spend less time washing

Concentrate less on washing and more on products such as serums and creams. Be smart!

10. Are you afraid of oils?

Each skin type can benefit from cleaning oil, even those with oily skin. Choose the right oil for facial cleansing.