She Ate Exactly Three Dates A Day For 2 Weeks, After That Her Body Was Unrecognizable!

Dates are very rich in nutrients that are very beneficial for our health. When you see how many health benefits they have and we are sure you will add them on your menu!

They are rich in nutrients

Dates are rich in copper, potassium, fiber, manganese, vitamin B6 and magnesium.

Improve digestion

They are useful against constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, glycemic index and other digestive problems.

Relieve pain

Dates contain magnesium, which has anti-an inflammatory property which means they relieve pain and swelling. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.


Dates ease the process of giving birth. Tests have shown that women who ate dates at least 4 weeks before the term had easier birth.

High blood pressure and heart attack

The magnesium in dates can reduce the high blood pressure, and the calcium is great for blood circulation.

Brain health

They contain vitamin B6, which is great for brain health.

Weight Loss

Around ¼ cups of dates is enough for losing weight.


Dates contain a large number of minerals and very high levels of iron, making them ideal food supplement for anemic people.


They contain a lot of organic sulfur, which is very beneficial to our health, including the reduction of allergic reactions.

Abdominal cancer

Research has shown that the dates a great way to reduce the risk of cancer in the abdomen.

Vitamins for the eyes

Dates contain lutenin and zeaxanthin. They support the epithelial cells for good eyesight and prevent damage to the macula.

Baby food

Sugar in dates is very appropriate for babies because it is easily digested. Modern dietary institute advises giving dates to children who are nervous or hyperactive.

Strengthens tooth enamel

Dates containing fluorine which is a very important mineral in the fight against tooth decay and prevent further tooth decay.

Help with malnutrition

One kilogram of dates has about 3000 calories. They help in adding to the weight and useful to those who suffer from excessive thinness.

Skin elasticity

Because of the vitamin C and P, which dates contain the skin can become more elastic. These vitamins enrich the subcutaneous tissue and make the skin soft and smooth.