Stop Eating Poison! How To Recognize GMO Tomatoes In 2 Steps

Experts around the world claim that we should consume plenty of raw vegetables and fruits! And they are right – however, the bad thing is that the food market is “filled” with GMO vegetables and fruit! Numerous studies have shown that these GMO vegetables and fruits can lead to some dangerous side effects for our general health!

But the worst thing is that a lot of people cannot tell the difference, so they have no way of knowing which foods are GMO and which ones are GMO-free. But, don’t worry, because today we will show you a simple method that will help you see whether the tomatoes are GMO or not and thus you will know which ones to consume.

How safe is GMO food?

There are 2 very different views regarding the safety and health of the genetically modified food — the leaders in the industry and the scientists that support GMO claim it’s safe, but there are people who believe GMO food is dangerous.

Genetically modified food has been associated with allergic and toxic reactions, sickness, dead and sterile livestock and damage to all organs that were studied in laboratory animals.

The majority of the developed countries don’t consider GMO food as safe. Note: in over sixty countries worldwide, like Japan, Australia and all member-states of the European Union, there are great restrictions or even bans for sale and production of GMO food.
GMO Labels

Vegetables and fruits which were grown the usual way (by injecting chemicals) have a labeling code that consists of 4 digits. And the organic vegetables and fruits have a labeling code that consists of 5 digits, beginning with the number nine. Genetically modified vegetables and fruits have a labeling code that consists of 5 digits beginning with the number eight!

Note: this tip is very important, because at the moment, over 80% of the processed food in the US is genetically modified. In most of the European countries, sale and production of GMO food is strictly prohibited. These countries include Austria, Germany, France, Greece, Luxemburg and Hungary.