This Apple-Honey Mixture Will Flush The Toxic Waste From Your Colon In No Time

The detoxification of the colon has been practiced since ancient Greece. There are several beneficial methods which enhance the function of the colon and stimulate the overall health. Today, colon cleanse is practiced based on the theory of autointoxication.

Food, which is tough for digestion, such as meat, leads to mucus accumulation in the colon, which as a result produces poisons and toxins in the human body. Moreover, it leads to fatigue, low level of energy, exhaustion, headaches, weight gain, etc. When you are making a colon cleanse, you should add a vegetable or a fruit, which is rich in nutrients and fibers that will easily eliminate the toxins from the body.


Apples are loaded with soluble fiber that gives you a feeling of being fed. Apples also help with loose stools. Moreover, apples are rich in insoluble fiber, which soothes constipation and helps the bowel movements.


Chia is rich in fiber that enhances the function of the digestive system. They are also loaded with Vitamins and nutrients that are taken up by the human body. Chia seeds also provide the feeling of being fed, so they enhance weight loss. In addition, they are loaded with omega-3 fats that boost up the pumping of the heart.


Flax seeds contain fiber, too. The fiber from the flax seeds stimulates the absorption of the nutrients in the intestines and detains gastric emptying. Moreover, they also prevent the development of colon cancer.
Flax seeds have got antioxidant characteristics that enhance the health of the heart and prevent any heart diseases. Also, flax seeds are rich in omega-3 fats.


– You will need:

• An apple
• A cup of water
• A teaspoon of honey
• A teaspoon of Chia seeds
• A tablespoon of flax seeds (it is better to have ground than whole seeds, because they are easier for digestion).

– Directions:

First of all, blend all the ingredients, excluding the Chia seeds. After that, put the mixture in a glass and, when stirring, add the Chia seeds. Stir for about 5 minutes, until all the ingredients expand.

The apple colon cleanse for colon detoxification is ready. The body will be very thankful for it. Make sure you drink a lot of water in order to keep your body hydrated and to stimulate its functioning.