This Is The Best Laxative To ”Flush” Your Intestines Naturally And Lose 3 KG In A Day!

Today we offer a recipe for a really efficient and natural laxative that you can make from the convenience of your home. Prunes are an excellent source of fiber and can help you soften the stool and prevent irregularity very quickly, because they are a great natural laxative.



• 150 gr. of dates without the bone (or one cup).
• 150 gr. of plums (one cup).
• Five cups of boiled water.


Cut the dates and prunes in small pieces, and put them in boiling water.

Simmer them until the mixture minimizes. Consume it early in the morning. Everyone can consume this amazing mixture, regardless of the age. You can even take it with yogurt, cereals or something else. Also, you can add plums in a glass of water and let them stay during the night, and consume them in the morning.


Consuming these foods rich in fiber and drinking a lot of water will help you prevent irregularity.

You should increase your daily fiber intake, and if you still have trouble with irregularity, drink senna leaves tea and try doing specific yoga poses. If you regularly have constipation issues, consult your doctor. Other method is to try to unwind in the bathroom in order to help your intestines do their job.

Lemon water helps soften the stool and eases the process of defecation. When you do some of these techniques you should be near a bathroom, since you don’t know when you’ll need it.